Locals Take On the Government for Destruction of the Environment

Louisiana Progress Action
The EPA permitted open burning of toxic military chemicals until local citizens got organized against the government:
Also a black general got involved in the government’s destruction of the environment

We started the New Year with a campaign to stop the open burn of 15 million pounds of toxic M6 explosives at Camp Minden. Since then, in partnership with the Concerned Citizens group, we’ve organized daily grassroots calls to action, community meetings, petition drives, open letters, a press conference, local and national media calls, an online resource hub on our website, and the list goes on.

We’ve been sharing updates with you each week as the process unfolds and today, we are very excited to announce another big victory! Check out the most recent updates on our campaign below.

On Monday, we sent an open letter to the EPA, the state of Louisiana, and the Army demanding that all meetings where decisions would be made about Camp Minden 1) take place in North Louisiana 2) be open to the public 3) include subject matter experts at the EPA who opposed the open burn 4) include local elected officials and 5) be open to the media.   We requested the formation of dialogue committee to consider safe alternative disposal methods for the M6 propellants.

The EPA immediately responded and said that they were committed to including citizens and local elected officials in the process. They wrote, “On January 21, EPA facilitated a conversation with the Department of Justice, LDEQ and the Louisiana National Guard to verify that an alternative remedy could be considered and the Administrative Settlement Agreement could be appropriately modified without jeopardizing the $20 million currently available to the State.”




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