Add to list of individual action to protect the environment

Individuals can make a difference when we work for the cause we believe in; think of the social change created in the US by President Lincoln and the abolition of slavery, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton for women’s right to vote, Martin Luther King advancing civil rights for Blacks, and Rosa Parks igniting the Civil Rights movement by not giving up her bus seat. Betty Friedan and Rachel Carson ignited the feminist and environmental movements. Former President Jimmy Carter has written books about how to have peace in the Middle East and worked to help negotiate it, as did journalist John Wallach who founded Seeds of Peace for young activists in the Middle East. You add to the list of individual changemakers.

In addition to reformers we study in history like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, we can add activist entertainers like Bono, Angelina Jolie, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Gandhi provides us an example for how one leader can create major change: Melinda asks in Indonesia, “I want to meet Mahatma Gandhi and ask a question. I would like to ask what gives him the strength to still fight social issues through out his life, when he sees so many pressure towards him? What makes him after all that happened still believe and still want to fight everything?”

Individual Steps to Protect the Environment

Calculate your carbon footprint

White roofs

LED lights


Compost food, give to chickens

Plant a garden . No yard? Use pots on balcony, find community garden

Minimize car and plane use

Live near work

Don’t eat meat

Use olivine ground cover (it absorbs carbon dioxide)

Don’t run water if you’re not using it


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