A Unique Plan for a Gaian Future

Ross Jackson founded Gaia Trust to support NGOs including Gaia Education and Global Ecovillage Network. Born in Canada, he’s a citizen of Denmark. He believes that, “It’s probably too late to avoid a collapse of civilization as we know it due to an obsession with economic growth on a finite planet that cannot tolerate much more without collapsing.”[1] Therefore, he developed what he believes is a unique plan to replace the current economic and political systems with a new trade organization, bank, council, etc., explained in his Occupy World Street (2012). He predicts it will be opposed by the Empire but supported by massive street demonstrations with local objectives as in the Arab Spring, Cultural Creative personality types, and small progressive nations like Bolivia, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Iceland, Norway, Venezuela, Senegal, Bhutan, New Zealand, Maldives, Tunisia, Mauritius, Malaysia and Switzerland.

[1] Ross Jackson. Occupy World Street: A Global Roadmap for Radical Economic and Political Reform. Chelsea Green Publishing, 2012, pp. 275-295.



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