Hawaii Will Get All Electricity from Renewable Sources!


A resident commented to me: “I don’t think we’ll make that timeline. We can’t get the rail built on Oahu so what makes anyone think we can get off fossil fuels and be totally into renewable energy sources by then? I certainly won’t be around to see it happening!  There were plans announced on Lanai to double our solar farm but there’s no action yet on that sunny front! Aloha from Lanai”

Another reader commented:

Solar is a natural there.  But watch these  green solutions that can cause havoc in the islands:  geothermal and biofuels.

When I was there people on the Big Island were fighting geothermal.  It’s connected with the volcanoes.  Can cause environmental damage.

Biofuels are made from GMO corn.  Those companies will take the very limited land that could be used for food for people and put it in the nasty GMO corn.

So as you explore green solutions….keep you eyes open to the problems.


The Sierra Club of Hawaii is proud to be a founding member of KULOLO (Keep Our Utilities Locally Owned, Locally Operated). We believe Hawaii’s decision makers should actively explore publicly owning our state’s utilities. A publicly owned utility might prioritize its customers and the public interest, rather than fixating on shareholder profits. A publicly-owned utility could be tasked with reducing rates, achieving the State’s 100% clean energy goals, and providing customer choice.


*************** Hawaii was the first state to ban plastic bags distributed by grocery stores in 2015.


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