Brooklyn Plans for Solar and Wind Power

First Vancouver pledged to run on 100% renewables by 2020, then Hawaii stepped into the race with ambitions to be 100 percent renewable by 2045, and now an unlikely city in the United States, Brooklyn, has released their proposal of creating the first electrically independent community microgrid in the US.

The governor of NY, Andrew M. Cuomo, is offering a $40 million incentive to secure the design of the microgram and build them throughout the entire state.

But because present solar technologies pose a bit of a problem, the city is looking to implement an innovative alternative. Currently, if something happens to ‘the grid’ and the solar panels stop working, your power is gone as well.

Such was the case in 202 when hurricane Sandy struck the city. Residents who expected to have working panels even through the natural disaster were surprised to find that they quit as well when the rest of the city lost power.

But Brooklyn’s solution is to instead utilize the microgrid. While macro grids are set up to power down in case workers are laboring to get power back ‘up’ (thereby minimizing potential casualties), this technology is different.

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