Protests against Shell Oil Artic Drilling

Young protesters against Shell oil company’s plans to drill for oil off the coast of pristine Alaska blockaded the two icebreakers needed for the construction. They used small boats to keep icebreaker Artic Challenger from leaving the shipyard in Settle. Chiara D’Angelo (age 20) chained herself to the ship’s anchor for 66 hours in July 2015. Part of a Greenpeace team of 13 climbers who belayed off the bridge to sit in slings, #ShellNo succeeded in delaying Shell Oil’s icebreaker ship from heading out to open sea to drill oil in the Artic in July 2015. They were prepared to stay suspended for days, but police pulled them up after 40 hours. Four young women activists report on video released by Greenpeace why they dangled from a bridge over the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon.  Kristina said it was personal to her because she lives on the planet: “Standing up for the environment isn’t activism, it’s just right.” Harmony saw the devastation of an oil spill in her home in Santa Barbara. Georgia is an activist because she has a responsibility to her community and believes degradation of the environment is linked to racism and sexism. Shell is a target because it represents corporate dominance that controls government. Elizabeth is a seminary student who believes that human lives are more important than profit.


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