Women Executives have Emotional IQ

Is the Future Female?

Ford Motor Company studies future trends because it takes years for a new car to get to the assembly line. Sheryl Connelly, Fords’ manager of Global Trends and Futuring, identified an important trend as the “Female Frontier.”[i] She said, “Women around the world are rising in terms of their prominence, their influence, their success, their personal achievements. . . .” Kip Tindell, the CEO of The Container Store with annual sales of nearly $800 million, hired about 70% female top executives[ii]. Tindell is “glad to see the feminization of American business” because women tend to understand “communication, empathy, and emotional intelligence” leading to “conscious capitalism” (the title of a book). He quoted the cofounder of Southwest Airlines; Herb Kelleher said, “You can build a much better organization on love than you can on fear.”

[i] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VPTulrAqAQ

[ii] Jenna Goudreau, “The Container Store CEO Says ‘Women Make Better Executives Than Men,’” Business Insider, October 13, 2014.



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