examples of the new economy

Examples of DIY local efforts to create a new economy are local farmers markets and direct purchases from farmers, crowding funding new enterprises, business such as the Mondragon Cooperatives in Spain with more than 70,000 worker owners, recycling, sharing resources as in Couchsurfing and Uber car rides and Craigslist, and community credit unions.  A collective of more than 300 progressive environmental economists formed the Economics for Equity and the Environments Network (E3). They researched models for the future economy, reporting that the lessons are face-to-face human relationships are important, along with supportive environmental regulations.  Marxist geographer David Harvey advocates, “We have to come up with an alternative structure of property rights that are not private. They are collective. They are common. And at the same time they have to offer security and take away the fear of speculation for capital.”
Eban Goodstein and Robin Hahnel, “What’s the True Impact of the Alternative Economy?,” Yes! Magazine, March 3, 2015.


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