Solar Water Pumps

Reversing privatization, hundreds of cities are taking back control of their water from corporations—over 180 cities in 35 countries, especially strong in France.  Inexpensive nanoparticle-coated paper presented in book form is an effective filter to clean contaminated water, invented by Theresa Dankovich. An Austrian company called Pumpmakers invented the NSP Solar Pump in hopes it will bring clean drinking water to the nearly million people without it.  It is assembled locally from a kit. The pump can reach water as deep as 800 feet even on cloudy days. The UN estimates that six to eight million people die annually from water-caused diseases, most of them under age five.
Nick Buxton, “Ebb and Flow of Privatized Water,” NationofChange, December 4, 2014.
Kounteya Sinha, “Page Out of Innovation: A Book that Filters Water,” The Times of India, August 18, 2015.


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