Ideas for the Future, 6 speakers, Chico, 11-13

And an eventbrite page to get tickets

This is the PR for the event:
ChicoX 2015 – a TEDx-style event (with a healthy dose of Chico Weird) focusing on “Ideas for the Future”. Topics range from a radical approach to our economic dysfunction to the abolishment of the existing prison system. Six speakers will be delivering a 15-minute, dynamic presentation Friday November 13th, 2pm-5pm at Colusa Hall on the Chico State campus.

To reserve your free seat, go to:

Nate Wright (Founder, Small Biz Triage) – “Caving it Up in the Digital Age”
Harold Littlejohn (Professor of Tax Law) – “Will You Be Rich or Poor?….The Future of Your Economy”
Dr. Michael Coyle (Professor of Political Science) – “Penal Abolition”
Ben Sampson (Founder, Soulid) – “Psychological Design”
Dr. Colleen Robb (Professor of Entrepreneurship) – “________________”
Dr. Gayle Kimball (Author, Professor of Sociology) – “Millennials are the Future”


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