End of Capitalism?

German economic sociologist Wolfgang Streeck got Europeans talking about his conclusion that capitalism and democracy are in conflict with each other, discussed in his books Buying Time: The Delayed Crisis of Democratic Capitalism (2014) and How Will Capitalism End? (2016).[i] He believes that decaying capitalism can’t sustain itself. He advocates that we take action by supporting labor unions, not vote for corrupt politicians, and express anger “since emotional protest is what technocrats are most afraid of.” He reserved judgment about new parties like SYRIZA and Podemos. He would like to see changes in individual lifestyle where we become less dependent on the capitalist system, value time over money, and social connection more than individual property. “At the intellectual level, I find the growing literature on low-growth, no-growth and de-growth capitalism (or perhaps post-capitalism?) Intriguing.”

[i] Interview with Woflgang Streeck, “Politics in the Interregnum,” ROAR Magazine, December 23, 2015.


Interview with Wolfgang Streeck,” The Current Movement, January 4, 2012.



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