US Behind in Health Care and Education

Sander’s “Crazy” Ideas: Most of Which Other Developed Nations Have Already Implemented

By Michael Payne – February 28, 2016 socialism is alive and well in America as evidenced by the following very important and successful social programs and organizations: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, police enforcement agencies, teachers, and, yes, the U.S. military. In fact, Sanders does not want to add another social program, he simply wants to expand Medicare for all Americans and substantially lower overall costs for everyone.

It looks like the vast majority of the nations of the civilized world provide medical coverage for all of their citizens but America is not one of them. What about free education for college students? Well, most of these developed nations have free college tuition or offer generous subsidies for their students. Here is an article that lists seven countries that offer free tuition to their own students and, if you can believe it, they also offer it to foreign students, including Americans. Here’s a headline from “Why American College Students Are Flocking to Germany — and Staying; Because they are getting free tuition.”

What a contrast; free education for American students in Germany while here in America our students are weighed down with a total tuition debt of over $1.2 trillion.


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