Help clean plastic from ocean

The SeaVax, a solar-powered ship that can suck up to 22 million kgs of plastic a year! Just a small number of these ships could clean up the entire Pacific garbage patch in just 10 years!!

It’s a beautiful example of people rising to a great challenge of our time. But it’s just begun, and it needs our help. The first SeaVax model has been built, but needs funding to scale it up to the awesome task of the world’s greatest clean-up.

Starting with these funds, our community could:

  • Work with projects to reduce the flow of plastics into the ocean in the worst-polluting countries;
  • Identify other ambitious ideas focused on clean-up of the garbage patches using new technologies;
  • Organise community and beach clean-ups to stop plastic from finding its way to the ocean;
  • Push governments to limit or ban plastic — like San Francisco recently did with plastic water bottles.

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