new tactics for system change–Kevin Buckland

From Barcelona, Kevin Buckland reported after the Paris climate change conference in November 2015 on a shift from the climate change movement to revolutionary system change, part of the recent youth activist emphasis on intersecting issues and uniting groups with various causes including indigenous movements that provide alternative models and leadership by the people most harmed by the system. Buckland observed the creative new approaches “blur the lines between tactics, resistance, prefiguration, and revolution.” He gave the example of the decentralized digital Climate Games where activists posted over 200 calls to peers to take action including radio frequency takeovers, bank occupations and the Red Line with 5,000 red tulips, seen in a video. Climate Games tactics spread to other European countries. Buckland contrasted the new movements and local actions with large NGOs with rigid hierarchies, short-term planning, and overwork. Another new trend counters the chronic problem of burnout by developing “movement health” in a focus on process. And of course the most visible tactic of the new uprisings is occupying public squares with prefigurative politics of free services.
Kevin Buckland, “Cultural Shifts in the Climate Justice Movement,” ROAR Magazine, March 22, 2016.
Kate Aronoff, “Climate Games Challenge Paris Protest Ban with Peer-to-Peer Disobedience,” Popular Resistance, December 12, 2015.
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