Los Angeles the New Flint

California’s contaminated drinking water can no longer be ignored! Many regions are using ammonia in lieu of proper cleaning and filtration and/or are changing the chemical compounds used for treatment (the same chemicals used in Flint, Michigan) and residents throughout the state are getting physically sick! Los Angeles is just the latest example of area residents, including young children and pets, getting sick from the water supply.
“The City of Los Angeles (much like Flint, Michigan) switched its water source. Most of the City of Los Angeles water was from Sierra Nevada snow melt… from the Owens Valley. Now most of the water is from the Sacramento Delta… the change in water quality brought about drastic changes in treatment… changes that have begun to take its toll on the pipes throughout the city. Loaded with organics, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals… Rather then treat Los Angeles drinking water properly… removing the organics, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals… LADWP leaves most of them in the drinking water and masks the chemical reactions by adding ammonia to the drinking water.” – Erin Brockovich, May 2016
The people of California call on Governor Jerry Brown, California Division of Drinking Water, Department of Water and Power and California Department of Health for our drinking water supply to be properly cleaned with the tax dollars we pay!
Please do the right thing and clean up the drinking water supply for the people of this great state! We rely on YOU to protect us- please don’t fail us!



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