The best nations that aim to do good

The biennial index, which ranks 163 nations, “is all about encouraging populations and their governments to be more outward looking, and to consider the international consequences of their national behavior,” the Good Country website explains.
To figure out the rankings, it looks at seven categories—science and technology; culture; international peace and security; world order; planet and climate; prosperity and equality; and health and well-being—each of which is based on 5 indicators, with the information culled from 35 datasets from the United Nations system, as well as international agencies and other NGOs.
A country that serves the interests of its own people, but without harming—and preferably by advancing—the interests of people in other countries too.”
Here’s the list of 2016’s top 10 “goodest” countries:
1 Sweden
2 Denmark
3 Netherlands
4 United Kingdom
5 Germany
6 Finland
7 Canada
8 France
9 Austria
10 New Zealand


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