Local rule in Colombia

FARC is a well-known Marxist guerrilla movement in Colombia. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia was founded in 1964 to insure peasant farmers’ control of their land. What’s not so well known is their support of local assemblies and equality in areas they controlled over the last decade. The Juntas de Accion Comunal were formed by the state in the 1950s to link with the national government, but FARC encouraged the local communities to be more autonomous governed by assemblies. Women are accepted as leaders in the villages and are commanders in FARC, which is 40% female. A rapist can be punished with death (along with police informers), while wife batterers and people who abuse GLBT people can be expelled from the community. FARC wants communities to organize themselves, but if a third warning doesn’t work, such as stealing chickens, assemblies can call on ”the lads” to enforce the law.


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