The Pirate Party is really democratic

Gen X Birgitta Jónsdóttir, referred to as the MP for the Movement, was a founder of the Icelandic Pirate Party for direct democracy. It was founded first in Sweden in 2006 and spread to other countries including Austria, the US, the UK, Belgium, Germany to around 60 countries but is most successful in Iceland. It supported WikiLeaks, whistleblowers, and direct democracy.In the summer of 2015 the Pirate Party grew from three members of parliament who have a hacker background (including Jonsdottir and 25-year old Asta Helgadottir) to being the leader in national polls predicted to lead the next government. Jonsdottir explained, “I definitely approach this job from the perspective of the hacker…. It’s better to pretend you don’t know the limitations, so you can break them.” She explained, “People should not allow themselves to believe that we are going to save them. They are going to save themselves, and we’ll give them the tools to do it. We want to look for the wisdom of the masses…through collective effort.” She added, “Young people in particular find it unacceptable that they can only wield influence once every four years.” She is proud that many young Icelanders are actively engaged in politics. MP Asta Helgadottir worked for a tech collective, describes herself as a “boring Harry Potter fan” whose hero is the British Suffragettes. She said the party is successful because “we have actually proven ourselves to be human. We are not trying to be politicians.” In contrast, the leftist parties didn’t pass reforms during their time in office. The third member, Helgi Gunnarsson, age 35, said his hero is hacker Edward Snowden. Party members can submit proposals for a vote by all members.


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