A Turk and Dutch analysis of the Turkish coup of 7-15-16

Different points of view about the Turkish coup: This article is by a Dutch writer: https://roarmag.org/essays/turkey-coup-attempt-backlash-erdogan/

This email is from a Turkish friend:
The coup attempt, as mentioned in any media, except for extreme marginals, was almost the final remaining chance of Fethullah Gülen, to do something on Turkey state policies..

Hes, as commonly known and accepted , the leading tribe within state organization booming since the last 35-40 years hiding behind the “charity activities” in and around the country with major investments mainly on education and chain of “ısık schools” for muslim potential all over the world training young brains in their way.

We were aware but could not estimate the power until they started showing it attempting to play with the state authoritieswhere they slowly sneaked into since years..

Thats why this reality is exposed to public since more than a year now with an intensive challenge since then to pick those officials one by one who have got effective posts within the state formation in different areas like all ministries, law & judgement, educational and military service.

And this very last attempt was held by a minority mid level (rank) soldiers within the Turkish Army belonging to the same clique who now either shot dead, arrested or still trying to escape to Greek islands.

More of this cleansing operation will be in charge now for sure in all areas of state mgmt organization until this Gülen clique will be entirely wiped off.
This is actually a very late operation getting evident & riskier since years which any governor party ignored sinve ages as i told..
Anyway, late is better than nothing.

And theres definitely nothing wrong with calling citizens through any media to get on the streets against any ongoing illegal attempt… People were supposed to resist peacefully as well against an illegal coup attempt blocking the tanks and coup soldiers while they were attacking the airport, the presidential house, the parliament, intelligence service unit, armed state forces and even the hotel on the mediterranean coast where the president was staying. They were trying to preserve the existing democratic parliament system with its positives & negatives.
Do you think they would support the clique to overcome and takeover??
Or is that what papers write there?

Apart from this reality i agree with most of the comments you bring to attention about Erdogan who is definitely running after presidential state policy and more conservative state of living within the country which is turning out to be another risk for the future.
But this is certainly a different concern to be evaluated separately.


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