New Resistance to the Neoliberal Order

“Sudden resistance” to the liberal, capitalist, democratic worldview started with nationalistic populism in Europe and the US, and among young intellectuals, no longer accepted as inevitable or the best system. Gen X Ross Douthat defines the critics as the Marxist “new radicals” who critique racism, sexism, climate change as well as economic inequality like Thomas Piketty, Naomi Klein, and Ta-Nehisi Coates. Their views are expressed by Bernie Sanders (US), Jeremy Corbyn (UK), Podemos (Spain) and SYRIZA (Greece). On the other side are the “new reactionaries” who admire hierarchy like the alt-right white nationalists (i.e. the Breitbart website), associated with Donald Trump, Marie Le Pen (France), and the Brexit (UK). The third group of post-liberals is the Catholic “religious dissenters” such as Catholic socialism, associated with Eastern Europe’s shift to the right as in Poland and Hungary.

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