advice column Lotus Guide Jan. 2017

Lotus Guide Column Jan. 2017


Q: My friends and me are still devastated and depressed about Trump’s election. How can we survive the next four years until Elizabeth Warren runs?

  1. Although Clinton won by about two million votes, the election expressed a widespread desire for change in our ineffective national government, a wake-up call for all of us to get involved locally to make a difference. Let Trump galvanize us to progressive action and reveal racism and sexism. I’m collecting local solutions on Facebook and WordPress. Please add your thoughts and see what inspires you to implement. and

Wear a safety pin to show support for unsafe groups, a campaign begun in the UK after the vote to exit the EU. Volunteer and donate to progressive groups. Stay informed as with Elizabeth Warren’s newsletter. Sign the petition to end the Electoral College. Remember what Michele Obama said, “When they go low, we go high” and demonstrators’ slogan “Love trumps hate.” Join the Facebook page Norcal Progressives to stay current and get ideas for progressive action.


Q: What kinds of things do you see when you do chakra balancing on Wednesday nights?

A: Here’s an example of what I told a man in his 30s, reading his first chakra at the base of the spine up to the seventh at the top of the head.

1—Ungrounded, too open, should be around 40% like a cone, surrounded by a grounding pipe. A way to feel connected to the earth and above is to imagine a hara line from the grounding through the midline of the body and above the head.

2-The back of the chakra perpendicular to the body needs to be connected back in to the front of the chakra. Feel the pain and release it.

3-The inner critic is too active, need to tame the inner critic, give yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished.

4-It’s grumbling over disappointments with women. Have faith that you will work your way to a place between fire and ice that you alternate to in lovers. Now is the time to focus on who you are.

5-It wants to create beauty

6-It looks like a kaleidoscope, with sparks of drugs you’ve taken releasing.


Q: My kid is a very picky eater. What can I do to get him to branch out?

A: Health coach Laura McFadden works with distant clients using Skype. She recommends disguising healthy food, with recipes in these books: Missy Chase Lapine’s The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals and Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food. I suggest reading about highly sensitive children, as in Elaine Aron’s book and helping him get centered with Brain Gym exercises for the classrooom, online. Reward him with praise when he takes a tiny bite of a new food and explain his growing body needs good food.

Q: My dear friend is dying. What can I do to be of assistance to him?

A: Tell him what you appreciate about him and your favorite memories of him. Remind him we all die and have done it many times in past lives. Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross started paying attention to patients’ stories of near-death experiences, people who died and came back. They all report going through a tunnel of light, being greeted by a radiant loving being and by loved ones. We do a review of our lives to see how we did in achieving our goals, learning lessons, helping others, enjoying the creation. I recently did a phone reading for a dying man and saw a masculine guide vibrating at a silvery blue light standing by his right shoulder to protect and assist him. I asked a friend who was in my clairvoyant class to take a look, also over the phone, and she saw the same silvery blue light guide from a higher dimension. I saw that the man’s spirit is gradually being untangled from his body and upward movement in his energy field, which she also saw.


Q: I found out my live-in boyfriend is using meth. I love him; what do I do?

A: Start out by telling him how much you care for him and for that reason you need to discuss what you discovered. Give him a choice: He goes into rehab to get help to quit and you will continue to be his roommate or he doesn’t want to quit and he moves out. You’re enabling him, thereby harming him if you don’t encourage him to face his addiction. The rate of relapse is very high even after treatment because methamphetamine is so addictive, so have realistic expectations about your partnership and attend Nar-Anon groups for relatives of addicts.


Q: My ex tells lies about me to our son. I’m so angry, but feel depressed. What can I do?

A: Parental alienation is against the law in California so have your attorney take action. To release your anger, when you’re alone, like in the car, scream profanities as loud as you can. Take a walk and stomp and growl. Remind your ex that putting down a parent makes the child feel criticized and inadequate as well as children are a combination of both parents. Use the Ho’oponopono meditation to free yourself of resentment for the other parent: “I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” Check online to learn more about this technique.



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