The Trump Presidency spurred municipal independence. Sanctuary cities persisted despite threats to cut off federal funding, participatory budgeting expanded along with funding worker-cooperates (i.e., New York City, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco). Alexander Kolokotronis, founder of Student Organization for Democratic Alternatives, calls for city anti-fascist platforms like Black Lives Platform and coalitions that are “libertarian socialist, anti-racist and feminist.” He gives examples of existing steps in this direction. There’s a National League of Cities and 100 Resilient Cities and Creative Cities Network. The Right to the City Alliance constructed a progressive platform and aims for an international solidarity of cities. Already existing are Sister Cities International (Rome and Kurdish Kobane are sister cities); United Cities and Local Governments, which is international; and International Cities of Refuge Network.

Alexander Kolokotronis, “Are Americans Ready for a Municipalist Movement?” ROAR Magazine, December 3, 2016.


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