Trump’s America First Policies are Harmful

Trump supporters say his America first policy is what we need.  Is the administration‘s stated goal to deconstruct all our federal government departments (and appointing a man who doesn’t believe humans are responsible for global warming as the head of the EAP) helpful? What about the administration’s refusal to criticize Putin? Trump himself insisted on removing passages from the Republican platform that Russians didn’t like, creating the impression that he’s putting some kind of deal with Putin over US interests. It’s shortsighted not to realize that Isolationism hurts our country in an era when democracy is under assault from Putin and other forces. Foreign aid and programs like USAID help ensure global peace and security and prevent terrorism, as well as helping famine victims, etc.  It’s the obligation of the wealthy to help the poor, as all religions teach. These programs consume only about one percent of the national budget. The Muslim ban discourages highly educated tech workers, as well as reducing tourism from abroad and violating the constitution. That hurts job access here. Think of how often scientists and other experts interviewed on the radio have a foreign accent; we benefit greatly from a brain drain to the US. Rounding up Mexican workers who are crucial for farm work and other work others won’t do is harmful to farmers. Name one action that Trump’s supposed America first policy has achieved, in contrast to the great harm done to US leadership of Western democracy.


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