holistic treatment of cancer

From “Ask Dr. Gayle” Lotus Guide column

Q: I was just diagnosed with cancer. What can I do in addition to traditional medicine?

A: I consulted with a cancer survivor who added to this response. She suggests consulting with an integrative oncologist, like one who recommended daily 13-hour fasting and occasional longer fasting. You may need to go outside of California to find an integrative oncologist. Detox using saunas and eat alkaline, green, fresh and organic foods as much as possible. Avoid sugar and white flour products because cancer feeds on sugar.  Check out the Facebook pages or websites of Dr. Veronique De Saulniers, Kris Carr, Dr. Mark Sircus and Ty Bollinger, who also has a free newsletter about alternative prevention and treatment (info@thetruthaboutcancer.com).

Watch this video or one like it of an immune cell destroying a cancer cell with the intention that your cells recognize the mutated cells and gobble them up.

(http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2115050/Fighting-Incredible-video-shows-human-immune-T-Cell-fighting-cancer-cell.html) For information about the connection between stressful emotions and cancer read Gabor Mate’s When the Body Says No. Consulting with a classically trained homeopath can also help the mind and body release these deeper issues.

What I like to do with surgery is to imagine putting any residue of resentment, deprivation, etc. into the tissue being removed. Stuff it all in, and thank the tissue for being your vacuum cleaner, for its service to the rest of your body. I would also ask the anesthesiologist or surgeon to give you hypnotic suggestions when you’re under about a speedy healing process and the killer T cells recognizing any cancer cells. I would thank your body for the message that changes are required in how you live you life. Tell it, “I got it, so now you can heal.”


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