Naomi Klein’s 5 Steps Spelled Out in “No is Not Enough”

Naomi Klein’s No is Not Enough became a best-selling overnight in June 2017. The five steps are 1.) Know what’s coming. The power elite creates ever more frequent chaos, crises, and fear to distract us and enrich themselves, as in Trump’s proposal for $4 trillion budget cuts or tax cuts for the wealthy. A push for war or declaration of war have been used by autocrats to assume a state of emergency and override democracy. (see #3)

2.) Defy the bans, such as on demonstrating or curfews.

3.) Know your history.

4). Always follow the money, such as when the New Orleans flood was used to fire teachers or proposals to diminish Social Security.

5.) No is not enough. A bold plan for a different vision is needed that addresses climate change, financial deregulation, and militarization.


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