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50/50 Parenting Quiz

Self test for 50-50 Parenting: How equal are you?

To find out how your family rates on equal parenting, each parent should  indicate which partner usually does the following chores: mother, father, or both equally. This list can also be used to divide family work fairly. Your children can also supply their observations.

  1. Who changed most of the baby’s diapers?                ___                   ___                  ___
  2. Who took time off from work to care for a

young child?                                                              ___                   ___                  ___

  1. Who usually gets out of bed at night when

a child wakes up?                                                       ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Which parent is contacted first when a child

becomes sick at school or day care?                          ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who usually stays home from work with a

sick child?                                                                   ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who usually goes to parent/teacher conferences?      ___                  ___                  ___
  2. Who checks to make sure that homework is

completed and paperwork from school returned?      ___                  ___                  ___

  1. Who makes dental and medical appointments for

your child and takes your child to them?                  ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who plans birthday parties for your child?                ___                 ___                  ___
  2. Who buys gifts for your child?                                   ___                 ___                  ___
  3. Who shops with your child for clothes and other

items?                                                                          ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who mends your child’s clothes, washes them,

and puts them away?                                                  ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who prepares your child’s lunch?                              ___                 ___                  ___
  2. Who usually cooks breakfast?                                    ___                 ___                  ___
  3. Who usually cooks dinner?                                        ___                 ___                  ___
  4. Who shop’s for the family’s food?                             ___                 ___                  ___
  5. Who pays the child’s allowance and

makes sure the chores are completed?                       ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who takes care of the bedtime routine?                     ___                 ___                  ___
  2. Who gets children to cleanup their messes?               ___                 ___                  ___
  3. Who usually cleans up around the house?                 ___                 ___                  ___
  4. With whom does your child spend the most time?       ___                ___                  ___
  5. To which parent does your child feel most

free to make a request or an inquiry, as about

using the family car or staying out later than usual?  ___                  ___                  ___

  1. Which parent worries about not spending

enough quality time with your child?             ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who is your child more likely to talk with

about a problem such as a conflict with a

friend or worries such as those about nuclear war?   ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who plans most of family social and fun

activities?                                                                    ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who spends the most time in sports and other

game playing activities with your child?                   ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who pays the bills?                                                    ___                 ___                  ___
  2. Who is responsible for investing family savings?      ___                 ___                  ___
  3. Who does your child see do most of the outside

yard work and home maintenance?                           ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who does most of the car servicing and

mechanical repairs?                                                    ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Which parent is more likely to arrange for home

maintenance or auto repair services?                         ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Which parent is more likely to repair or

assemble your child’s toys and bicycle?                   ___                 ___                  ___



  1. Which parent is more likely to instruct your

child about how to use tools and encourage the

child to assist in home maintenance

and repair works?                                                        ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who does your child see drive when both

parents are in the car?                                                ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Which parent is more likely to decide on a

disciplinary action, such as a time out or being

grounded?                                                                  ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Which parent is more likely to have the

last word in a family dispute?                                   ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Which parent will or has taught your child

to drive a car?                                                             ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who does your child think is the boss

of the family?                                                              ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Which parent does your child see as

more leisure time?                                                      ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Which parent is more likely to plan

a family vacations and outings?                                 ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Which parent is more likely to talk

with your child about the parents

own childhood and current activities?                        ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Whose workplace has your child visited?                    ___                 ___                  ___
  2. Which parent sets and enforces time

curfews and establishes where the

young person can and cannot go and

with whom?                                                               ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Which parent as taken or will take

your child to visit possible career

and college sites?                                                        ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who discusses stereotyping as

displayed in the media?                                              ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Which parent as or will talk to your

child about the dangers of drugs, drunk

driving, and sexual transmitted diseases?

Also, the use of birth control if sexually active?        ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Who encourages your child to aspire to

develop his or her abilities?                                       ___                 ___                  ___

  1. Overall, who would you say does most

of the parenting activities in your family?                ___                 ___                  ___

  1. What do you most like about your

child-rearing practices?                                              ___                 ___                  ___

  1. What would you like to change and why?                 ___                 ___                  ___


If you checked “Mother” most often in question 1-25 (which relate to the typical mother’s role) then that is a strong indication that the mother is carrying the heaviest  – and stereotypical – part of the family work. If you checked “Father” most often for question 26-38, that indicates that the father’s role closely follows the stereotypical one. The last set of questions would most likely be split between the two, and are there to remind you of some of the important issues in equal parenting, such as combating stereotyped images in the media. If you checked “Both” most often throughout the test, and particularly in questions 1-38, then you are on your way to shared parenting.

why women leaders have better pandemic outcomes

Those leaders who handled the virus best were those who humbly consulted public health experts and acted quickly, and many were women; in contrast, male authoritarians who botched the response were suspicious of experts and too full of themselves.

“I really get it,” Trump said when he visited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in March. Surrounded by medical experts, he added, “Maybe I have natural ability,” and he wondered aloud if he should have become a scientist.

Raising children with options

What would you add to this Egyptian teacher’s advice for raising kids with options? This is for a book in process, “Calm Parents and Children.”

I’m a mom of two teen daughters who believes that we should bring up our children by practice not preaching.  So if parents want to teach their children not to focus on their appearances and seeking for popularity, they  need to set an example to their children by embracing the values of hard work and high standards through their acts and behaviors. In addition, parents should help their children to feel their inner beauty by giving to the poor, being caretakers to the sick, and kind to the young and vulnerable. That’s why engaging our children in some community service or teaching them to give a hand to a friend in need will help them to realize that inside  beauty is by far more significant and rewarding than outside beauty.  Parents also can applaud the achievements by people that add genuine value to the community. Moreover, parents should help their children to discover their talents and skills, and celebrate their children’s achievements in sports,  art, etc.

Ask Dr. Gayle KZFR radio show and Lotus Guide magazine column

“Ask Dr. Gayle” airs the second Thursday of the month at 6 PM, PST, streaming on KZFR 90.1 fm.  It features a panel of experts interviewed by Gayle Kimball on a variety of current topics ranging from local education and politics, involved fathers, gender issues, teen issues, integrative health care, and on.  Asking questions is one of her favorite activities, along with writing books, dancing, hiking and gardening.

Gayle is the author of over 20 books. The latest are Calm: How to Thrive in Challenging Times and a trilogy based on interviews with visionary scientists. The trailer is Some are on her YouTube channel, along with her KZFR interviews.

The column appears quarterly in the Lotus Guide

She’s currently working on a book about Gen Z girl climate activist and welcomes your nominations.

Young Women Climate Change Activists: Australia Interview

Yarsha Yajman recently graduated from high school near Sydney, Australia. She’s on the national leadership team and the schools coordinator for Australian Youth Climate Coalition, part of the core Sydney team and National team for School Strike for Climate! Instagram: @_varsha_ school strike for climate’s instagram: @schoolstrikeforclimate. Our YouTube interview link is

The interviews will be in a book about young women climate activists. Your suggestions for who should be included are welcomed. Thanks, Gayle Kimball