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police violence videos compiled

Lawyer T. Greg Doucette and mathematician Jason Miller are working on compiling these clips and images of violence in a public Google Sheet, titled “GeorgeFloyd Protest – police brutality videos on Twitter.”

Trump’s supporters


Article excerpt that attempts to explain why Trump’s supporters back him despite his mishandling of the pandemic such as mandating that churches open or suggesting the internal use of disinfectants or harmful medications–seeing the virus and climate crisis as a hoax. Keep in mind In 2019, 35% of the US population had completed 4 years of college or more and at least 40% approve of him.

A reader who lives in Louisiana emailed this addition:  I think the people who prefer authority and following directions are the key to understanding this mindset. I think abusive childrearing practices (do what I say or you will get whipped) create this obedience and mindset to some extent. Very widespread and accepted in the South. Plus patriarchal fundamentalist religion plays a part in creating a person who would follow Trump.

Article excerpt:

Cartoonish as  Trump can be, he gives them what they crave: a seemingly strong leader to watch over them. They’ve handed over their brains and their consciences to him. He can do no wrong, and in exchange neither can they while they serve him. He won’t wear a mask because it would make him look like a wuss, and that would be fatal to his image as a strong leader. And so it may be fatal to them.

There’s also an additional nasty aspect to it all, so long as the pandemic seems to hit blue states and big cities hardest, all places they’ve been taught to distrust, even hate. The fact that the pandemic seems to hit the old and weak, the poor, people of color, native Americans harder than “God-fearing, hard-working red staters in the heartland” confirms their world view of who is finally getting what they deserve.

It looks like a de facto biological ethnic cleansing, making them even less likely to support group efforts if they feel it infringes on their ‘freedom’. It’s why they are so ready to accept conspiracy theories that the pandemic is a liberal plot to force a socialist agenda on the country, just like the climate crisis ‘hoax.”

Why Do Trump Supporters Still Stand By Him? Why Are They Ignoring the Virus Threat?