US Democracy Movement spring 2016

In 2016 Frances Moore Lappé judged that the ingredients for a real democracy movement to take place in the US had coalesced because most people are angry about the fact that the 20 richest people own as much wealth as the bottom half of the population and that they control our government. In addition, 85% of Americans want to rebuild the campaign finance system and oppose secret funding for politicians, which requires overturning the Supreme Court Citizens United decision. Diverse groups agreed on a Unity Statement of Principles to end the influence of wealthy donors and formed coalitions like Democracy Initiative,, and Democracy Awakening. Democracy activists learned from the Occupy Movement that focused attention on the 1%. A coalition of 36 groups planned direct actions in the Spring of 2016, including a march, teach-in, human circle around the Capital, and visits to legislators, described on “Field Guide-to-Getting-Money-Out-of-Politics Movement.[i]



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